Customizing the tray icon.

TRAYICON=someicon.ico          ; Default: default icon

Since V2.1 it is possible to change the tray icon of the dhcp server. The default tray icon is still avaible as a default. You can either choose “None”, “Default” or a filename.

TRAYICON=Default  ; use the built in default icon. 
TRAYICON=None   ; use no icon at all.

To set the tray icon to NONE is not recommended because the process can only be stopped using task manager if there is no tray icon.
TRAYICON=filname.ico loads the given icon file as the try icon.

All this is of course only effective if dhcpsrv.exe is started as an application (not as a service). The intended purposes to choose the tray icon is to bo able to distinguish the processes in the tray in case you are running dhcpsrv.exe multiple times.