Enabling the Trace.

Trace=1          ; Default: 0

You can switch the trace on by putting a Trace=1 entry into the [Settings] section. The trace file is called dhcptrc.txt and is written into the same folder as the dhcpsrv.exe and the dhcpsrv.ini files. I recommend to switch the trace on, if you encounter any problems and attach the trace file to the e-mail that you are sending to me to report it. If you want the trace to have a different name (and/or directory) then use TraceFile for that. Example:

Trace=1  ; 1= enable,  0=disable
TraceFile=c:\temp\dhcptrc.txt  ; this is where the trace goes

If the TraceFile setting in not set then the default is dhcptrc.txt in the dhcpsrv.exe directory. TraceFile is a new feature in V1.5.2. Since V2.7 you may also use a relative path to specifiy the trace file name. Relative paths are interpreted relative to the INI file location.