Changing the port number for certain services in the DHCP server.

PORT_53=53  ; Default: 53 (DNS)
PORT_67=67  ; Default: 67 (DHCP)
PORT_68=68  ; Default: 68 (DHCP)
PORT_69=69  ; Default: 69 (TFTP)
PORT_80=80  ; Default: 80 (HTTP)

These options are new in V1.6.5 and allows to customize the IP ports the DHCP Server is supposed to use. Default is 67 or 68 respectively. Port 53 is the default port for the DNS Server. Port 69 is the default port of the TFTP Server. Port 80 is the default port of the HTTP Server (available since V2.0). If no relay agent function is in use, then this setting has no effect.