From version 1.5 on the auto configuration is supported:


The above enables three IP pools for DHCP clients. Unknown clients are automatically configured by adding the appropriate client sections to the INI file. IP pools of size 1 (e.g. are allowed and are very useful if you want to assign the same IP address to all clients.
The new feature in V1.8 is: AUTO. If AUTO instead of a numerical IP-Pool configuration is used then the IP Pool is automatically chosen to cover the complete IP Range based on the IPBIND_x IP address and the network mask. This works best together with a name based IPBIND_x configuration.

From V1.9 on the IPPOOL_x numerical IP-Pool definition is enhanced with a comma syntax. This allows to define IP pools such as:


This adds and to the IPPOOL_0.

Since V2.3.1 it is also possible to define a class A/B network by using IPPOOL_1= This defines, in accordance with the subnet mask, all IP addresses from through as the IP pool.