Binding to certain IP addresses (or NIC cards).

IPBIND_0=            ; Default: -
IPBIND_1="Local Area Connection" ; name of connection 

This restricts the DHCP server to bind only to certain LAN connections. All other IP addresses are ignored. This is very important if you want to restrict the DHCP server to particular cards in your computer. You have already two IP addresses, as soon as the computer is on the internet using a dial up connection.
The DHCP server will bind to all IP addresses if no IPBIND_x is found. IPBIND_0 to IPBIND_9 are supported.
Starting with V1.8 the value of an IPBIND_x entry can also be specified as a LAN connection name. These are the names Windows is using to specifiy network connections. In case a name based IPBIND_x is configured, then subnet mask, ip address and all other windows configured data such as DNS server addresses etc. are obtained automatically and don’t need to be explicitly specified in the ini file anymore. See also the AUTO feature in IPPOOL_x.