The Database setting allows to split the dhcpsrv.ini file into two parts. (Available since V1.7)

Database=d:\database.ini  ; Default : -

Part 1 is for everything in the [Settings] section. This stays in the dhcpsrv.ini file. All the rest [General], [General_x] or client section goes into the Database.ini file. This allows a clean distinction between real settings and configuration for the DHCP server and the IP assignment database in which the client configurations are managed.
New in V1.9.2: If no [General] or [General_x] section is found in the Database.ini file, then the dhcpsrv.ini config file is used for that instead.
If no Database setting is defined, then the DHCP server assumes that the database is part of the dhcpsrv.ini file.

The file name can be specified with relative paths since V2.7. In that case, the path is interpreted relative to the INI file.