Setting the TFTP Transfer window.

TransferWindow=1          ; Default: 4

The tftp-setting TransferWindow sets the maximum number of tftp data packets that are sent before an acknowledge is received. TFTP protocol standard behavior is achieved by setting TransferWindow=1. The default of 4 should increase TFTP performance by about 50%. In case of problems try to set to 1.


Specifying the root for the TFTP server.

Root=c:\tftproot\          ; Default: -

Only files located in or under the given Root path are served by the tftp server. A tftp client request asking for a file x automatically translates to a file access to c:\tftproot\x.


Allowing the TFTP server to write files.

WritePermission=1          ; Default: 0

If not set or set to 0 WritePermission is not granted. Tftp clients can not write files in this case.


The PortRange setting defines the ports the TFTP server will use for sending and receiving data.

PortRange=51000-51100          ; Default: AUTO

The default is AUTO and specifies that the port numbers are allocated automatically on demand as they are made available by windows sockets (winsock). This can be a problem with firewalls, because the port numbers can not be explicitly opened in the firewall if they are unknown at configuration time. Therefore it is possible to specify a range of ports like PortRange=51000-51100. This tells the TFTP function to select port numbers out of the given range for sending and receiving data. Please make sure that the specified port numbers are not confilicting with other network services running on the server.


Controlling the TFTP blksize.

MaxBlockSize=1024          ; Default: - (whatever the client asks for)

The tftp protocol allows to negotiate the blksize. This is the number of bytes transfered between client and server in each packet. It has been shown that if the client asks for a blksize that is bigger than the MTU, that the tftp communication does not work. Therefore it is since V2.2.3 possible to limit the blksize on the server side. MaxBlockSize should be set to a value between 512 and the MTU.


Enabling the TFTP function.

EnableTFTP=1          ; Default: 0

EnableTFTP enables the integrated Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server functionality of the DHCP Server.