Define the content types along with the respective file extensions for the HTTP server.

.htm=text/html         ; Default: -

The http server knows the content-type definitions for .htm, .html, .css, .xsl, .jpg, .png, .gif, .ico, .xml and .txt. Additional file extensions and their respective content types can be specified in the [content-type] section.


Specifying the HTTP log file.

Logfile=c:\httplog.txt          ; Default: -

The http server logs all activities in this file.


Specifying the root for the HTTP server.

Root=c:\httproot\          ; Default: -

Only files located in or under the given Root path are served by the http server. A Web browser request asking for a file x automatically translates to a file access to c:\httproot\x.


EnableHTTP enables the integrated HTTP Protocol server functionality of the DHCP Server.

EnableHTTP=1          ; Default: 0


Specifying a default file for error messages (404).

DefaultFile=showerr.html          ; Default: -

The DefaultFile allows to specify a file whose content is returned instead of a 404 file not found message. This is a new feature in V2.3.3. In case the URL refers to a not existing file, then this file is fetched. If DefaultFile is not specified then the regular 404 file not found return occurs.