History of release notes

  • Raspberry Pi OS Version available July 9, 2023

    V2.9.3.1 released 07/08/2023. New in V2.9.3.1: Raspberry Pi OS Version is released. Please see details on how to install and run here.

    The download is available after a donation is made and you will find the deb install package for Raspberry Pi OS automatically in your download area.

  • V2.9.3.0 March 12, 2023

    V2.9.3.0 released 03/12/2023. New in V2.9.3.0: enhanced syntax in IPPOOL to add ranges like,5-10. Fixed bug in DHCP Wizard (new V2.6.0.1).

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • V2.9.2.0 March 1, 2022

    V2.9.2.0 released 03/01/2022. New in V2.9.2.0: balloon message shows timestamp of message and the http function now correctly handles utf8 in the URL.

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • V2.9.1.0 January 26, 2022

    V2.9.1.0 released 01/26/2022. New in V2.9.1.0: speed improvement on DHCP responses and better sync between HTTP and DHCP to support large INI file configurations.

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • V2.9.0.2 July 3, 2021

    V2.9.0.2 released 07/03/2021. New in V2.9.0.2: fixed error with respect to TFTP dynamic port ranges.

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • V2.9 August 31, 2020

    V2.9 released 08/31/2020. New in V2.9:  Web-Server has a configuration for URL alias and the new feature SyncServer has been introduced to better support redundancy configurations. See also the FAQ for this.

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • V2.8 May 1, 2020

    V2.8 released 05/01/2020. New in V2.8:  Web-Server Status page is updating live and allows to monitor assigned leases. The old dhcpstatus.xml page is still available, in case browser support is an issue. TFTP allows zero size files. HTTP connection times out after 5 seconds of inactivity.

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • V2.7 November 16, 2019

    V2.7 released 11/16/2019. New in V2.7: Besides bug fixes, there are the following changes: further speed improvement in answering DHCP requests, new setting ReceiveWindow and all file paths can be specified relative to the INI file location.

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • 2.6.2 March 23, 2019

    V2.6.2 released 3/23/2019. New in V2.6.2: Besides bug fixes, there are the following changes: INI file handling got a big speed improvement, especially in case of many clients requesting an IP address at the same time.

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • 2.6.0 October 27, 2017

    V2.6.0 released 10/27/2017. New in V2.6.0: Among a few bug fixes the following new features are added: TraceFileMaxSize is now configurable, the INI file can be made ReadOnly by a setting, the maximum number of IPBIND/IPPOOL increased to 30, client can easily be black-listed by setting the IPADDR to, added feature AlwaysUseDefaultIPAddress to the DNS-Settings. The biggest change is the added setting DeleteClientsFromWrongIndex, which fixes a bug when a client moves from one subnet to another.

    The download is available after a donation is made.

  • 2.5.2 July 17, 2016

    V2.5.2 released 07/17/2016. New in V2.5.2: Fixed bug in http server to handle paths and filenames with ‘+’correctly and added directory listing. Download here.

  • 2.5.1 September 17, 2015

    V2.5.1 released 09/17/2015. New in V2.5.1: Fixed bug in UseClientID not being observed correctly. Download here.

  • 2.5.0 September 11, 2015

    V2.5.0 released 09/11/2015. New in V2.5.0: Fixed bug recognizing client id and added two more features to the IPSCOPE language: it is now possible to check for client ids and for any option in hexadecimal formation (OPTIONHEX_nnn). Also a new setting ReserveByOffer has been introduced in V2.5.0. Download here.

  • 2.4.4 February 15, 2015

    V2.4.4 released 02/15/2015. New in V2.4.4: Fixed bug in integrated http server with respect to filename with blanks. Url decoding is now supported and allows %20 for blanks in file names. Download here.

  • 2.4.3 January 7, 2015

    V2.4.3 released 01/07/2015. New in V2.4.3: [SERVERS] section now supports the use of relative paths and can hold a display name to show a more meaningful status on the web page.

  • V2.4.2 August 17, 2014

    V2.4.2 released 08/17/2014. New in V2.4.2: Option strings supported up to a longer length of 1024, now. Treating in yiaddr as if no IP address is given in DHCPDISCOVER requests.

  • V2.4.1 December 27, 2013

    V2.4.1 released 12/27/2013. New in V2.4.1: Fixed minor bugs. Added setting ObeyParamReqList to restrict responses to the requested options. Handle client id option 61 less restrictive and assume ascii text representation by default. Package validation now checks for longer mac addresses than 16 bytes. Detection of IP configuration changes delays restart of server until currently running tftp transmission is finished.

  • V2.4 February 24, 2013

    V2.4 released 02/24/2013. New in V2.4: Fixed bugs in handling relative root paths in http and tftp function. Fixed bugs with comments in the INI file not being recognized as such in all places. Fixed bug in wizard not putting VENDORCLASS in the right section. Fixed bugs with respect to multiple scopes and relay agent when subnet mask of local network is different from the served network behind the relay agent. New extension in custom option definition to allow compact CIDR syntax and grouped sub-options with auto len tagging. Added SERVERNAME setting to define the sname field content. Redefined the virtual web pages which are created on the fly for the status page as not-cached. https://lookup-phone-prefix.ca

  • V2.3.5.1 November 28, 2012

    V2.3.5.1 released 11/28/2012. New in V2.3.5.1: Fixed bug in Web server interface not showing the current clients after the latest update.

  • V2.3.5 November 26, 2012

    V2.3.5 released 11/26/2012. New in V2.3.5: Fixed bug in DHCP Wizard handling sub-options and added a preview to the generated INI file. Fixed bug in DHCP Server that prevented IP scopes to work, when a database file is configured. Fixed bug in resolving INI file variables in database file. Added inistring to the string-expression syntax of IPSCOPE syntax.

  • V2.3.4 October 20, 2012

    V2.3.4 released 10/20/2012. New in V2.3.4: Fixed bug with respect to mulitple IPs per NIC. Added setting AddStandardEntires. The IPSCOPE syntax now has a new simple-bool-expression keyword: isKnownClient.

  • V2.3.3 October 14, 2012

    V2.3.3 released 10/14/2012. New in V2.3.3: Added setting [HTTP-Settings] DefaultFile. Fixed bugs in handling relay agent requests, IPSCOPE handling and increased robustness when client id (option 61) includes non printable characters. Added support to report more than one record in DNS requests.

  • V2.3.2 July 21, 2012

    V2.3.2 released 7/21/2012. New in V2.3.2: Added setting ClearClientsOnStartup. Fixed bug in class A/B style handling.

  • V2.3.1 February 19, 2012

    V2.3.1 released 2/19/2012. New in V2.3.1: Fixed bugs in tftp retransmission, allow timeout option also in write requests of tftp. Allow to enter class A/B style IP address pool definitions. Computer name (host name) option extended to 255 characters. Fixed bug in IPSCOPE_n evaluation. Fixed bug that shows static entries as expired in the status web page. Support configfirewall / removefirewall command line options. Add support for %ip0 through %ip3 macros in wildcard client sections. Wizard now allows to switch on / off the Trace setting.

  • V2.3 November 21, 2011

    V2.3 released 11/21/2011. New in V2.3: Support of multiple scopes with scope selection syntax (IPSCOPE_n). Fixed bug in http server: allows mulitple reads of the same file, now.

  • V2.2.3 November 10, 2011

    V2.2.3 released 11/10/2011. New in V2.2.3: Fixed bug in http server with respect to large file downloads with wget. Removed a few unnecessary traces. Added interpretation of option 55 and 77 in the capture page of the web server, Added MaxBlockSize to tftp-settings to limit the maximum number of bytes in one UDP packet. Added the setting SingleInstanceApp to have only one instance of the DHCP Server when running in application mode.

  • V2.2.2 October 31, 2011

    V2.2.2 released 10/31/2011. New in V2.2.2: Fixed bug with multiple TFTP options and with DHCPDECLINE handling on duplicate address allocation.

  • V2.2.1 September 27, 2011

    V2.2.1 released 09/27/2011. New in V2.2.1: Added NAKMessage setting for info text with DHCPNAK message. Fixed bug related to extended characters in hostname. Number Search

  • V2.2 August 14, 2011

    V2.2 released 08/14/2011. New in V2.2: Improved robustness against malformed DHCP requests. If the verification identifies requests falsly as malformed, then it can be switched of with the new PacketValidation setting. Added package capture view as Web Server page for advanced diagnostics. Please notice the capture link. It brings you to a list of the last 16 DHCP packages transmitted.

  • V2.1.4 July 31, 2011

    V2.1.4 released 07/31/2011. New in V2.1.4: Improved the DNS forwarding to be more responsive.

  • V2.1.3 June 5, 2011

    V2.1.3 released 06/05/2011. New in V2.1.3: Improved the relay agent functionality to work with other DHCP servers. Added RelayAgentAdvanced setting.

  • V2.1.2 May 21, 2011

    V2.1.2 released 05/21/2011. New in V2.1.2: Fixed bug in handling custom options on first offer. Fixed bug in relay agent functionality. Improved TFTP speed.

  • V2.1.1 March 1, 2011

    V2.1.1 released 03/01/2011. New in V2.1.1: Fixed bug in http module to eliminate illegal text in xml file.

  • V2.1 February 9, 2011

    V2.1 released 02/09/2011. New in V2.1: Service installation and firewall exceptions now supported including administrator elevation. Changed user interface dialog in wizard and dhcpsrv for that. Added configurable icon, fixed bug in non keep-alive http communication.

  • V2.0.2 January 31, 2011

    V2.0.2 released 01/31/2011. Fixed bug in handling HTTP 1.0 request (needed to successfully run apache benchmark program).

  • V2.0.1 January 27, 2011

    V2.0.1 released 01/27/2011. Fixed bug that caused a crash when no IPBIND settings are found.

  • V2.0 January 26, 2011

    V2.0 released 01/26/2011. New in V2.0: Added HTTP Server with diagnostic page for current server status along with a menu item to open web browser. Added $(section\name) syntax in INI file. Added configration wizard for first time setup of INI file. Addded relay agent functionality in conjunction with the support of multiple scopes. Fixed bugs in expired lease handling when DeleteOnRelease=0 and in error handling for service installation. Fixed bugs related to filenames with spaces.

  • V1.9.4 December 8, 2010

    V1.9.4 released 12/08/2010. New in V1.9.4: Fixed bugs in the expired lease handling and allowing comments after TraceFile. Added ExpiredLeaseTimeout setting.

  • V1.9.3 October 30, 2010

    V1.9.3 released 10/30/2010. New in V1.9.3: Basic load balancing support (HBA), AllowDNSQuery setting to further enhance the DNS security mechanism, automatically deleting clients after lease is expired and notifications on DHCPDECLINE messages to indicate IP address conflicts. Fixed a bug in TFTP module.

  • V1.9.2 October 16, 2010

    V1.9.2 released 10/16/2010. New in V1.9.2: Hostname is updated on every request to have an updated record after name changes on the client side. [General] and [General_x] section can now also be put into the config file. Database file is checked first and if no info found then config file is used. Fixed bugs in TFTP module.

  • V1.9.1 August 14, 2010

    V1.9.1 released 08/14/2010. New in V1.9.1: Fixed bugs in packet retransmission of TFTP and in DHCPRELEASE handling. Added TransferWindow speed improvement for TFTP. Added EnableSendRawUnicast and OverwriteBroadcastFlag for special handling of unicast responses.

  • V1.9 June 26, 2010

    V1.9 released 06/26/2010. New in V1.9: Integrated tftp server, option for keeping clients in the database even after DHCPRELEASE, enhanced IPPOOL_x syntax and configurable service name. Bug fixed with memory leaks in the DNS request handling. Smaller corrections.

  • V1.8.1 April 9, 2010

    V1.8.1 released 04/09/2010. New in V1.8.1: Bug fix with service installation (error 0x41d).

  • V1.8 March 1, 2010

    V1.8 released 03/01/2010. New in V1.8: Binding by adapter name (instead of IP address), support for multiple instances, improved BOOTP support, integrated DNS server and some smaller improvements and error corrections.

  • V1.7 March 22, 2009

    V1.7 released 03/22/2009. New in V1.7: Customized Options, support of client-identifier (option 61), command line options, support of DHCPINFORM message and a couple of smaller improvements. Such as balloon messages in application mode and more settings to control the behavior of the DHCP server.

  • V1.6.5 February 22, 2009

    V1.6.5 released 02/22/2009. Following fixes: DNS_X and WINS_x now support range from 0-9. Relay agent support now works as expected. Target address of response packet algorithm reworked. DHCP server ports are configurable (PORT_67 and PORT_68). DHCP server assigns IP address only in same subnet as NIC. https://lookup-phone-prefix.com

  • V1.6.4 January 1, 2008

    V1.6.4 released 01/01/2008. Minor bug fixes plus support of the AssociateBindsToPools option which allows to have IP Pools dedicated to a particular subnet. Updated Web Site with new design.

  • V1.6.1 December 22, 2007

    V1.6.1 released 12/22/2007. Supports fully dynamic IP Pools including correct handling of the lease time and reuse of expired leases.

  • V1.5.3 March 21, 2004

    V1.5.3 released 3/21/2004. Minor bug fix concerning reaction on bad packets.

  • V1.5.2 April 18, 2003

    V1.5.2 released 4/18/2003. Minor bug fixes plus the support of TraceFile and LEASETIME options.

  • V1.5 April 17, 2003

    V1.5 released 4/17/2003. Supports IP pools for auto configuration. A feature that has been asked for about a million times.

  • V1.4 April 9, 2000

    V1.4 released 9/4/2000. Supports binding to particular NIC cards and a silent mode for unknown clients.

  • V1.3.0.1 February 24, 2000

    V1.3.0.1 released 2/24/2000. The new Windows 2000 functions are loaded dynamically. It turned out that the DLL’s are not available or do not contain the new functions on Windows NT 4.

  • V1.3 February 12, 2000

    V1.3 released 2/12/2000. V1.3 comes with two major enhancements: It runs as a Windows NT/2000 service and it supports Windows 2000 plug and play.

  • V1.2 October 3, 1999

    V1.2 released at 10/3/1999. I’m proud to announce that the version 1.2 has a bug fix that allows the support of Windows 98 clients. It turned out that Windows 98 clients didn’t work https://phonefindservice.info , at all. This was related to a wrong port number that the DHCP server was using.It also has an option to print a trace of the activity of the server.

  • V1.1 September 25, 1999

    V1.1 released at 9/25/1999. This version fixes a bug that occures on Windows 95 and 98. The DHCP server was not able to terminate correctly. It alway kept running, even if the tray icon was already gone. There are no other changes to the code.

  • V1.0 August 14, 1999

    V1.0 release at 08/14/1999. This is the very first version that I put on the Web. It was running in my configuration (Windows NT 4.0 SP3 as server and client machine) and I was just curious whether somebody else is interested in that or not.

  • V0.9 June 1, 1999

    I’ve started in early summer of 1999 to investigate the Web to find a DHCP server that would allow me to just hook my notebook onto my tiny home network (a crossed cable!) without reconfiguring it every time. I could find only very large programs that had a DHCP server as one of many parts in it. Or I could find unix sources that were not that easy to port to windows. Since, I’m a curios guy, I started do develop it myself. It turned out to be quite easy and it was running within three days, or so.